Find any digital file you need... FAST! Implement a standard file-naming procedure to create consistency and organization in your business.

+ systemizing and organizing tips for your business!

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In under 15 minutes learn...

  • Four extraordinary benefits
  • Current file-naming best practices
  • One thing NOT to do
  • A simple formula for you (and your team) to name your files so you can find them in an instant.

BONUS: Get a standard operating procedure (SOP) to implement in your business immediately. Create the organized business that will help you...

  • Work less - less time spent looking for things.
  • Work smarter - efficiently set up systems so your business can scale.

Kris said...

Wow, that's detailed and helpful! We are doing most of these things but... one big exception, we weren't putting PRINT READY on the final versions... which recently cost us a lot of money. We've appointed one person to oversee the processes and make sure everyone is following our SOP. Thanks so much!