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Terry's Testimony


All your ideas in ONE location. Organized. Searchable. Available on all your devices.

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"Thank you so much for your amazing Idea Tracker. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it changed my life. In a VERY good way! First, I learned how to use Google Sheets more efficiently. Even the clever way you use emojis to identify the tabs was new to me. So helpful. Thank you for that! 


But the benefits go way beyond that. Having an organized place to put my ideas and notes for my membership has been a huge game changer for how I'm organizing not only my ideas but, more importantly, my TIME. Preparing for all the classes I deliver in my membership is so much easier now.


Since I started using your idea tracker, everything seems so much more manageable. I just had to share my gratitude and excitement with you. Hard to believe it was so inexpensive. Thank you!!!!"

- Mary Debono, Movement + Mindset Coach


Never lose track of an idea again. Store everything in this organized-by-topic IDEA TRACKER. Find your ideas in seconds.

 One fully customizable Google sheet with individual pages/tabs for each idea category.

 Add your own categories. Change the colors, columns, order, etc to meet your own idea needs. 

 Record the books you want to read, landing pages you love, courses you want to take, thoughts you are practicing, coaching questions you want to remember to ask your clients, etc. 

 Map out the next course you want to create. Even store your passwords here. The ideas for ideas are endless! 🤩

  Get Google Sheets on your phone so you can record ideas on the go. The document saves immediately and syncs to all your devices.

 Pin this document to your bookmark bar for easy access or star it to find it quickly. 

 Full instruction video included to show you how to use and customize your Idea Tracker.

Last weekend a family member had a medical emergency.  When everything was sorted and safe, it was my turn to be rattled and overwhelmed.

I had my usual weekly deadline for my podcast and I thought I would have to skip it. I remembered the Idea Tracker Tracy helped me to create, chose one “idea,” and recorded a podcast.

Not only did it help me to stay on schedule, I was so grateful to my past-self for having taken the time to work with Tracy and have my Idea Tracker easy to find on my phone.

- Michele Olender, Host of the Vedge Your Best Podcast


Get your Foolproof Idea Tracker for just $27 - normally $49. Grab yours now and get started organizing immediately!

Immediate Access For Just $27


Using this Idea Tracker has saved me so much time and stress!

I use it for work and personal. The other day I went right to my "Movies" tab and found the documentary I'd been wanting to watch. I was so impressed with myself!

The customize video was very helpful. I'm catching myself when I want to jot down an idea to stop and put it in my Idea Tracker. My desk is cleaner. I find what I need faster. It's amazing!

Kris Katzmann
Social Media Expert


How much easier would running my business have been the past four years with this simple tool?

I am the queen of filling up journals with ideas, putting post its all over my desk with book suggestions, hopping on Notes in my phone when I hear a quote I love. And, my password situation was a disaster…

But, no more. I gave myself just a few hours to streamline everything and put it in the Idea Tracker. I was able to get rid of so many journals, notes and Post its. Thank you Tracy. 

Kristin Dabney
Life & Career Coach

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