A well-organized business is like the world's best brain massage every day you sit down to work!


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A business that's organized means more opportunities for growth, creativity, and client success.

 Here's what gets in the way...


  • You‚Äôre exhausted and working more than ever, often doing admin tasks instead of CEO work.

  • You are constantly searching for the last minute.

  • Processes aren‚Äôt documented, which makes it difficult to work efficiently¬†let alone¬†hire anyone to help.

  • You worry clients aren‚Äôt getting 100% out of your program because "behind the scenes" is a mess.

  • Being¬†fully booked and¬†growing your business feels overwhelming, even impossible.

Organizing your business goes so much deeper than solving a simple clutter problem.

Starting a business means taking that really something special about you and helping as many people as possible while also designing a life with more flexibility and freedom. 

By creating something from your gifts, you help people feel seen. You help people solve problems. You own that you are gifted and created to do this work. 

That doesn't always translate to knowing how to organize the business.  

It can feel terrifying that clients or even people that you hire will see you in your messiest and most frustrating moments behind the scenes in your business, with...

No clear digital structure. No systems in place to work efficiently or hand off to an assistant. Often jumping from idea to idea, wasting time searching for things, and even starting, stopping, and spinning in overwhelm.

THIS stalls growth and feeds the belief, "I might not be cut out for this."

That's what I want to make sure we change as soon as possible.

Rather than seeing this as a deficit, let me show you how to elevate your creativity with better systems and organization. 

  • No matter what you've been told over the years. (Or what you tell yourself.)¬†¬†

  • No matter how often you were scolded, judged, or lamented for not having things in order.

  • No matter¬†if you have a life-long pattern¬†of¬†being unprepared, waiting until the last second,¬†or flying by the seat of your pants.¬†

  • No matter if you think it's impossible for you (or your brain) to be organized.

Getting organized and staying organized is a skill you can learn. 

And it's simpler than you think.

When you do learn this, you'll be screaming from the rooftops that everyone should be taught this early in their business.

‚ústYour¬†files are neatly organized in a simple structure.¬†No time is wasted searching or making duplicates.¬†

‚ústAll your¬†business assets are in one location.¬†No¬†brain fatigue.

‚ústYou¬†follow a¬†CEO schedule¬†that prioritizes money-making activities. No more sitting down wondering what you need to work on.¬†

‚ústYour¬†creativity flows,¬†producing intellectual property that helps your clients get results.¬†¬†

‚ústYou work efficiently with¬†documented processes¬†and are ready to hire an assistant.¬†

‚ústOrganizing is¬†overflowing into your physical spaces - your office and home!!

‚ústYou're¬†making decisions from an organized CEO mindset, like Angie...

Angie freed up mental energy!

OCA has changed the way she runs her business.

There are so many apps and organizing software out there, which are great, but I didn't want to learn anything new. I just wanted to be simplistic. That is what Tracy offers - simplicity, flexibility, and her templates - it's just like she hands over all the hard work and says "make it yours."

ANGIE ROBINSON | Angie Robinson Coaching


With improved organization, my clients spend more time doing what they love.

Enjoy Time Freedom

Create a well-oiled machine that allows you to take time off, knowing your business will run itself while you enjoy your life.

Grow Your Business

Build an organized foundation that will allow you to increase profits without sacrificing time or energy.

Make Your Greatest Impact

Use your genius to serve more clients as an organized CEO, without the imposter syndrome and hustle.

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Liz Reduced Decision Fatigue

Her biggest breakthrough was organizing her time.
Tracy teaches a very specific way to use the Google calendar that just really clicked for me. I've been able to be so much more consistent...I feel so much less of a mental load every day because I know exactly what I'm supposed to be doing..."

LIZ ROSE | Liz Rose Coaching LLC


Danielle Feels More like an Organized CEO

She organized all the digital aspects of her business.
I feel much more like the CEO of my business... I get to spend less time searching for things and less time being overwhelmed by the digital side of it all. And because of that, I'm in more of a creative energy and focused on my clients."

DANIELLE THIENEL | Danielle Thienel Coaching

I get it. When you're already maxed out, growing your business can feel overwhelming. 


As a coach, I know you want to help more clients and¬†grow your business in a sustainable way. In order to do that, you need simple organizational systems in place. The problem is, when you started your business, nobody taught you how to ‚Äúget organized.‚ÄĚ And over time, you‚Äôve likely found yourself drowning in digital files and wasting your precious time on manual tasks.

That’s why I’m here to help. As a certified life coach and professional organizer, I’m passionate about systems, processes, shortcuts, and efficiency. For the past 15 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people get organized, break free of administrative tasks, and get back to the work they love.

My approach is unique because it combines three essential components:

  • Specific training in systems that streamline
  • Practical organizing tools and templates that work
  • A Down-to-earth, fun approach!

Best of all, you don‚Äôt have to do this alone. With compassion and simplicity ‚ÄĒ I‚Äôll be here leading every step of the way.¬†


Here's how it works

Join the Organized Coach Academy

You'll have access to everything you need to set up an organized business. 

Work Through the Modules + Bonuses

Customize and implement each module to work for your business.  

Master the skills + Maintain Organization

Master the skill of organizing and set up a maintenance system.

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Neill was ready to scale!

She learned organization doesn't have to be complicated.
"I wanted to have a very clean, crisp operating business and we weren't doing it on our own even though I knew it was something we needed to be doing. Tracy helped me organize everything in a really simple way.

NEILL WILLIAMS | Neill Williams Coaching

Dustie went all in on her business. 

She organized her digital files and now feels less overwhelmed.
"Tracy is such a calming force, and when you're not organized in your business, you can feel very overwhelmed. It's freed up a lot of my time so I can be more creative and serve my clients better.

DUSTIE GIMBLET | Golf Mindset Coach


“I hadn't realized the burden of "clutter" in my thoughts. Working with Tracy changed everything.”

The more I worked on it, the more confident I became. I hadn't realized the burden of "clutter" in my thoughts and mindset. Now my first thought is "I can do it!"  We began to apply this idea to other areas of my life to create the change I wanted.

 - Cindy

Tracy was the girl who helped us move forward. One of the things that was really helpful for me that Tracy taught me is that organization doesn't have to be really complicated. It can be very simple...

- Neill

Now I know exactly where to put things...I have complete clarity... having someone else bring their clarity in really helped me...thank you so much. This seriously was life-changing.

- Devri

Cynthia's life is getting organized!

Her dream to scale her business is happening!
I have my digital files organized now and am documenting all my podcast and business processes. This work has also created organization in my life that I did not even anticipate. Now that I'm getting organized in my business I want my life to be organized as well

CYNTHIA COUFAL | Teen Anxiety Coach


The Organized Coach Academy

The only course to help you organize every aspect of your business so you feel confident and empowered to help your clients.



Breakup with disorganization. Learn what is keeping you stuck and what to do about it. Create organized beliefs, evidence to support it, and never look back.  


We’ll clear the clutter and organize your digital files using a consistent naming process and customized file structure so you (and any team member) can find anything in seconds.


Imagine every single thing you have - links, funnels, subscriptions, ideas, content, etc. all organized where you can find it instantly.


Figure out what you need to do, when you need to do it, and a system to make sure you follow through!


Create standard operating procedures to systemize each step in your Happy Client Map‚ĄĘ so your business can run on autopilot.


Now that things are organized, let's make some money. Whether it's the launch of a course, 1:1 coaching, a membership or a mastermind, we'll organize the steps to make it repeatable. 

Join the Organized Coach Academy Now

Plus 6 Value-Packed Bonuses! 


Monthly Call X2

(Valued at $597/mo)

Twice a month, I host live coaching calls to answer questions, share screens, customize solutions, and practice organizing skills.


Business and Content Dashboards

(Valued at $497)

How do you keep track of all your business assets, links, KPIs, and Content? Worry no more! You will have access to my most used documents‚ÄĒmy Business and Podcast/ Content¬†Dashboards. These save me so much time and frustration and are unavailable elsewhere.¬†¬†


SOP Vault

(Valued at $397)

You won't have to start from scratch as we learn to document our processes. Use one of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) from the bonus Swipe File.  



How to Organized Your Canva

(Valued at $297)

Stop wasting time looking for what you need in Canva. Learn how to set up your Canva to relieve that initial feeling of dread when you open it so you can find everything in seconds. PLUS, learn all the little tricks and hacks to reclaim your time.


Elevate Your LinkedIn in 10 Steps

(Valued at $297)

Kristin Dabney is a career strategist and LinkedIn expert. She is sharing her workshop and workbook on how to elevate your LinkedIn to elevate your brand presence.  


The Business Bundle

(Valued at $197)

If your graphics and banners need an update, you'll want these Canva templates from my graphic designer. Included: Pin, IG post, IG story, FB banner, LinkedIn Banner and more. 


Stop letting disorganization keep you stuck.

Your clients need your genius.  

Together, we’ll set foundations in place that will help you
work less, increase revenue, and avoid burnout.

It’s finally time to work smarter, not harder.


Join the Organized Coach Academy Now

Michelle has ADHD

"I wasn't sure if you'd dealt with somebody with ADHD. I have an organizational gap but as you laid the file structure out, I was like, "Oh my gosh, what is happening? This all makes sense!" It is very structured and now  I don't need a map inside my own brain. It was so helpful!"

MICHELLE EVANS | Michelle Evans Coaching


Get 3 More Bonuses... 


Private Slack Community

(Valued at $300)

Join a private student community on Slack. Connect with other like-minded coaches, ask questions, mastermind, and celebrate your organizing success!


Office-Organizing Mini Course

(Valued at $600)

You'll also want an organized office now that your digital life is organized. This mini-course will show you my step-by-step process using my office as an example, where I share my favorite office organizing solutions.


Lifetime Access

(Valued at $7197)

You will get instant access to all the material for the program's lifetime. Let's go!


Simplify and Organize Your Business...

+ Access all modules and bonuses immediately
+ Join the private Slack Community
+ Grow your business from organized foundations
+ Increase your efficiency with documented processes
+ Save time (and mind drama!)
+ Feel more peace, calm, and confidence





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$357 / 3 months



$997 / one time
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$357 / 3 months
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