$49.00 (Normally $98 - 50% off)

Client Tracker

ALL of your client and consult information in ONE location!

Your Client Tracker and instructional videos will be emailed to you upon purchase. 

  • Begin by making a copy of the Client Tracker. The instructions are on the first page.
  • Customize the pages and colors to your liking.
  • Start by transferring all your current clients into the Tracker. 
  • Then, track your upcoming consults, set up and link intake and testimonial forms, and transfer previous clients and consults into your Tracker. 
  • Build the habit of recording any and all client information in this ONE place.

Enjoy the confidence and efficiency of knowing everything you need for clients is stored and easily accessible in ONE location. 

Begin to notice the ease you experience in managing your clients.

Never lose track of anything again!